Inspiration for Your Lesbian Wedding

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two women getting married in front of floral wall

Hey lady lovebirds, planning a lesbian wedding and in search of ideas? You’ve come to the right place: we love a thoughtful, creative wedding here at Zola no matter who’s getting hitched, but there are some extra charming details we’ve seen for lesbian weddings that really make our hearts sing. If you’re looking for a bit of inspiration for how to put some panache and personalization into your lesbian wedding, check out this round-up of stylish examples provided by our real-life Zola lesbian brides below.

Suit Up

It goes without saying that many women (gay or straight, really) might not feel comfortable wearing a dress on their wedding day. To those who wear the pants, literally, opt for a super-spiffy suit tailored just right, or a vest-tie combo for a bit of funky formality. The sky’s really the limit here, so choose something celebratory that best reflects your personalities.

We’re particularly fond of the accessories laid out for Andrea & Megan’s wedding, especially those pink saddle shoes and the matching cork bow tie and lapel pin. Isn’t their combined wedding day style fairly amazing?

accessories for a lesbian wedding including bow tie, lapel pin, pocket square, and pink and white leather saddle shoes

Photo Credit || Sugar Peach Productions

two women getting married in front of old fashioned horse carriage

Photo Credit || Sugar Peach Productions

Ceremony Seating Signs

While explanatory signs for how guests should seat themselves at wedding ceremonies might be less needed in our modern society, an announcement that there’s no “groom” side is still a fun and cheeky way to set the all-bride tone at your lesbian wedding.

ceremony seating sign for lesbian wedding

Photo Credit || Pinehurst Photography

Coordinate Your Outfits

If you’re both into wearing white, don’t assume you have to go the big, pouffy dress route. Take after brides Jenny & Kim and let your personal style shine through. Both brides chose cocktail-length white frocks paired with stylish cowboy boots, and then outfitted their wedding party in matching kelly green, white, and navy striped dresses to match the overall country-prep vibe.

two brides in white short dresses walking down aisle

Photo Credit || Akil Bennett Photography

two brides sitting on bench kissing wearing white short dresses and brown cowboy boots

Photo Credit || Akil Bennett Photography

two brides posing with bridesmaids in green and navy dresses

Photo Credit || Akil Bennett Photography

Get Ready Together

While hetero couples can also choose to forgo the traditional rule of getting ready in separate spaces, same-sex couples more easily and frequently choose to remove this artificial barrier and get dressed together. Consider enjoying a more intimate and laid-back hour before the ceremony helping each other put on the finishing touches, like Zola brides Kelly & Danielle did.

Want to see more of Kelly & Danielle’s dreamy elopement? Check it out here.

Try a No-Look First Look

If you’d prefer to keep the mystery high by getting dressed separately and waiting to see each other until the ceremony, we get it. Anticipation is fun. But sometimes even just the physical touch of your partner can settle your nerves in all the right ways—which is why Zola brides Katie & Stormie chose to have a no-look first look prior to the start of their Oceanside, CA wedding. Without actually laying eyes on each other, these two were able to hold hands and connect privately before their big, public moment.

two brides have a no-look first look before their wedding

Photo Credit || Paul Douda Photography

lesbian couple kissing in front of wedding chuppah on wedding day

Photo Credit || Paul Douda Photography

two brides after wedding ceremony, one screaming in happiness raising her arm in the air

Photo Credit || Paul Douda Photography

They seem pretty pumped about how that decision turned out, don’t you think? To see more of Katie & Stormie’s lovely SoCal affair, click here.

Two Bouquets > One

More bouquets = more flowers = more photo gorgeousness.

Wear White, Your Way

Ever since Queen Victoria wore a white dress to her wedding in 1840, women have adopted white as the traditional color for brides. But there’s no saying that white has to come in the form of a dress. Take after some of these Zola real couples below: both Ericka & Emily and Britney & Molly outfitted one bride in a white gown, and the other in a (very sharp) white tuxedo jacket with black lapels.

lesbian couple getting married

Photo Credit || Liz Courtney Photography

Zola couple Chandra & LeighAnna kept both brides in traditional white, although one of them opted for a white shirt with white dress pants and vest.

Or Skip White

Not into the white thing? Not a problem. A sleek black jumpsuit with gold details is just as chic as can be, if you ask us.

Woman + Woman Cake Topper

Cake toppers are our favorite outlet for creativity at weddings, lesbian or otherwise. It’s a small but highly photographed detail, and one that makes for a great infusion of personality. For a lesbian wedding, a cake topper comprised of two female silhouettes hits the point home—as does realistic bobble-head dolls of the two brides.

lesbian wedding cake topper

Photo Credit || Paul Douda Photography

Can you figure out which Zola couple we’ve already highlighted is about to cut into this cake?

Wedding Party Wardrobe

Same as for the brides, traditional wedding attire “rules” need not apply when it comes to outfitting your wedding party, either. Put your commitment crew in whatever makes them (and you) most comfortable. Women and men in matching suspenders and bow ties? Looks sharp. Women in dresses being escorted by women in suits? Why ever not.

lesbian wedding with both brides standing with wedding party all wearing navy pants, white shirts, navy suspenders, and navy bow ties

Photo Credit || Latoya Dixon Photography

two bridesmaids in a wedding ceremony one wearing a dress and one wearing a suit

Photo Credit || Paul Douda Photography

Honor Your Religions

A lesbian wedding doesn’t have to mean a non-religious wedding. Carmen & Stacey kept symbols of their Catholic religious traditions with them during their ceremony. (They also invested in some pretty cute signage and “Mrs. & Mrs.” cake-eating utensils.)

lesbian wedding accessories including invitation and sign

Photo Credit || Pinehurst Photography

Mrs. & Mrs. Guest Book

Lastly, make sure you create a lasting memory to keep with you after the “I dos.” Ask your guests to sign a Mrs. and Mrs. guestbook, picture frame, or some other personalized wedding memento.

mrs. and mrs. guest book

Photo Credit || Sugar Peach Productions

Lesbian Wedding Gifts

Now that you have tons of great inspiration for your lesbian wedding, check out some of Zola’s sweet gift ideas for the Mrs. and Mrs. in your life!

mrs. and mrs. cutting board sold on

Mrs. & Mrs. Cutting Board by Words With Boards

kate spade new york Darling Point Mrs & Mrs Frame Ornament sold on

Darling Point Mrs & Mrs Frame Ornament by kate spade new york 



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