How to Make a Flower Crown With Your Wedding Party

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how to make a flower crown

From music festivals to weddings, flower crowns adorn the heads of stylish people everywhere. They are a beautifully unique way to dress up your hairstyle without over-accessorizing. Many bachelorette party attendees are seen wearing matching ensembles during their getaways, and a DIY flower crown can bring your coordinating outfits to the next level!

If you’re looking for something to entertain your wedding party during a shower, engagement party, or other pre-wedding gathering, why not create your own DIY flower crown bar? The five steps below for how to make a flower crown are simple enough for anyone to pull off, and having guests join in on the fun makes for an unforgettable activity. Not to mention, your whole squad will look fabulous out on the town with matching flower crowns.

Check out our guide below for some helpful tips on how to set up a flower crown bar and download our infographic for a step-by-step guide on how to make the perfect flower crown.


how to make a flower crown supplies

  • Fresh flowers: Choose flowers with big blooms that will stand out in your flower crown to add texture and pops of color.
  • Greenery: Select a variety of greenery to choose from. The greenery will act as the base of your flower crown so make sure it is sturdy enough to provide structure.
  • Floral tape: This will be used to attach your flowers and greenery to the base of your crown. Use green floral tape so that it blends into your design.
  • Wire: Also known as grapevine wire, vine wire or pliable twine, you’ll use this as the base of your crown.
  • Scissors: These will be used to cut the floral tape, wire, and flowers. Make sure there are enough scissors for everyone in your party.

How to Make a Flower Crown

how to make a flower crown

Now that you have the supplies, it’s time to learn the basics of creating a flower crown. Remember to think of a theme when choosing your flowers and greenery. Will you be using flowers with big blooms and loud colors? Or, will you stick to a simpler look by decorating with mostly filler flowers and greenery?

No matter what design you choose, have fun with it! Below we give you the five basic steps you need to create the perfect wedding accessory.

Step one: Construct the frame of your crown

construct the frame of your flower crown

With a piece of craft wire, wrap the circumference of your head where you want the crown to sit. Make sure that it is not too tight. Cut off any excess wire, and form the rest into a circular shape. Use your floral tape to tape the circle shut. You’ll want to wrap the tape around the wire several times to make sure that it stays.

Step two: Cut the stems of your flowers

cut the stems of your flowers

Make sure all your flowers are about the same length and trim off any leaves on the stems of your flowers. This will create a neater-looking crown in the end. We recommend cutting your flowers into 2- to 3-inch-long pieces so that they’re easier to attach to the crown.

Step three: Add greenery to your crown

add greenery to your crown

Start with greenery as the base of your crown. Wrap it around the wire and use floral tape to secure it into place. Wrap the tape around the greenery several times to ensure that it stays attached. We used ruscus as the greenery in our crown. However, not all flower crowns will include greenery, so feel free to skip this step if your crown will be focused more on florals.

Step four: Add your flowers

add flowers to your flower crown

Once you have the greenery secured to the base of your crown, it’s time to add your statement flowers. We used red spray roses and white daisies in our crown. We recommend creating little bunches of flowers beforehand so that they’re easier to attach. Using your floral tape, wrap the tape around the stems of your flower bunches and the base of your crown several times.

Pro tip: Create a focal point for where you want to draw the eye by using mini bunches of flowers.

Step five: Fill in the rest of your crown

fill in the rest of your flower crown

Wherever you see fit, add flowers to as much of the crown as you would like. Repeat the process by attaching florals throughout your crown, being cognizant of where your focal point is. To fill out our crown and add a pop of color, we incorporated yellow solidaster into any open spaces.

Step six: Show off your beautiful crown!

show off your beautiful crown

Once you have finished creating your flower crown, it’s time to show it off! The best part about these crowns—they are a perfect accessory for any season.

Pro tip: To save your crown for later, store it in a fridge to keep it fresh.

Now that you have the basics to creating a flower crown down, check out our guide below on how to create a flower crown bar so you can show off your new skills and create flower crowns with your whole wedding party!

How to Make a DIY Flower Crown Bar

how to make a DIY flower crown bar

Finding new and exciting bridal party activities can sometimes be a challenge. Luckily, this DIY flower crown bar is the answer to all your bridal shower and bachelorette party dreams! This activity is super easy to set up and is perfect for any size group. Not to mention, it is something people of all ages will enjoy.

With just a little bit of guidance, your guests can get creative with their crowns and really make them unique. Follow the four steps below to create the perfect DIY flower crown bar for your next celebration.

Step one: Create visible instructions

flower crown bar instructions

Create visible and easy-to-read instructions for your guests so that they know exactly what to do and where to start. We painted the instructions for our flower crown bar on a wooden pallet and hung it above the bar for guests to reference as they navigated through the stations.

Step two: Set up your bar

set up your flower crown bar

Keeping the instructions for your guests in mind, set up your bar in the order that guests will be making their crowns in. For example, start with the wire that they will be measuring for their base, with scissors nearby, and end with floral tape for them to secure their crown. Place the flowers and greenery in vases so that they remain fresh.

Step three: Add decorations

add decorations

Add fun decorations to your crafting bar cart or table that match the rest of your party decor. With the same type of wood used for the instructions sign, we created a heart-shaped sign for our bar and attached flowers to it. Some other decor ideas include colorful vases, a Polaroid camera for pictures, and drinks for guests to sip on when they’re crafting.

Step four: Create your floral crown!

create your flower crown

Now that you have set up your bar, it’s time to start crafting! Invite guests over to get the party started and have fun creating crowns with your best pals. Remember to take pictures during the process and then again after your done, while wearing your finished designs! You’re going to love looking back on photos of you and your besties having fun and getting crafty.

Types of Flowers to Use in Flower Crowns

types of flowers to use in flower crowns

The look of your crown will depend on the types of flowers that you use. Bright statement flowers should be used for those who love the spotlight and want some floral drama, while crowns made of mainly filler flowers and greenery achieve a more delicate and subtle look.

When picking flowers, you want to make sure they represent your style, but are also sturdy enough for a floral crown. Select flowers with long, dense stems since short, flimsy flowers could fall apart while you move around. Below are our recommendations for the best statement flowers, filler flowers, and types of greenery to use in your flower crown.

types of flower crown flowers

For in-depth instructions, download our infographic below to get started making your own flower crown.

how to make a flower crown infographic

Don’t forget to take pictures during the process! For more DIY wedding tips and advice, check out our DIY mimosa bar and DIY wedding bouquet guides.



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