Charleston Wedding Trend: Palmetto Rose Details

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Rose and peony bouquet with palmetto rose detail

Few things are more quintessentially Charleston than palmetto roses, those imperishable flowers woven from the fronds of South Carolina’s state tree. If you’ve ever visited the Holy City, you’ve undoubtedly been approached by a vendor peddling these makeshift blooms, although you may not know their significance.┬áLegend says that during the Civil War, Southern women would make roses from palmetto fronds to give to their sweethearts as they left for the war. The palmetto rose, pinned to the man’s lapel, was supposed to symbolize what Carl Carlton sang about more than one hundred years later: everlasting love. Needless to say, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a more romantic flower for your Charleston wedding day.

Boutonniere with palmetto rose

Photo Credit || Jolie Connor Photography

Also called the Everlasting Rose or the Charleston Love Rose, palmetto roses are ideal for weddings in Charleston because they won’t wilt in the summer’s hot-hot heat, and are rich with Southern tradition. What’s more, they’re inexpensive and easy to fashion yourself if you’re up to the task. If you’d rather leave the florals to a pro, we recommend hiring any of the Zola florists in Charleston to fashion them for you.

Palmetto rose bouquets surrounding wedding cake

Photo Credit || Lindsey Leigh Weddings

Bridal bouquet with palmetto roses

Photo Credit || Molly Joseph Photography

While palmetto rose bouquets are becoming more and more popular, many Charleston brides choose to carry traditional bouquets with subtle palmetto rose accents.

Bridal bouquet with palmetto rose accent

Photo Credit || Amelia + Dan

Couple posing with bridal bouquet with palmetto rose accents

Photo Credit || Jolie Connor Photography

But a bridal bouquet isn’t the only place for palmetto roses. They make adorable wedding favors, place markers, cake garnishes, and boutonnieres for grooms or groomsmen. Or consider a few stunning, year-round wreaths of palmetto rose wreath to adorn your ceremony or reception space.

Palmetto rose place markers and favors

Photo Credit || Jolie Connor Photography

Palmetto rose cake topper

Photo Credit || Richard Bell Photography

No matter where you choose to display them, palmetto roses are the perfect way to acknowledge you and your partner’s Low Country roots at your Charleston wedding. We can’t wait to see how you integrate this romantic detail into your big day!


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