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From Happy Hour to Party Time to Sunday Funday one thing’s for sure – your home needs to be stocked with all the barware essentials. Now that it’s officially time to graduate from red cups, our barware guide has everything you need for a necessary upgrade and a stellar soirée.

What is it?
Barware consists of everything you could need to serve alcohol to yourself and your guests. Wine glasses, mugs, shot glasses, champagne flutes all fall under this category.

Do I need this?
Yes! It’s time to retire your party cups and upgrade to glass barware.

How many do I need?
This depends on how often you like to entertain. Even if it’s usually just the two of you, we suggest at a minimum getting sets of four just in case. Otherwise, 8-12 glasses will have you covered without taking up too much cabinet space.

What styles are right for me? 
See below for our guide to help you determine what styles work for your entertaining needs.

The Beginner
Strictly the essentials – wine for two, some shot glasses for bigger nights, and champagne flutes when it’s time to celebrate. This is where you start when you want to stock the cabinets with the bare minimum and know you won’t be entertaining that much at this time in your life.


1. Mine & Yours Glass Set – $50
2. Purismo Fresh & Light White Wine Glass, Set of 4 – $40
3. Claris Champagne Flute, Set of 6 – $39

The Intermediate
A step up from the beginner options, add these to your collection for more variety around the house. You know a thing or two about shaken versus stirred, too.


1. Hammered Moscow Mule Mugs, Set of 4 – $65
2. Beer Tasting Set – $35
3. American Bar Ice Bucket -$50

The Advanced
When you really know your stuff and even have what some would call a prized drink selection, you need all the tools and decanters to go with it. Here are our advanced picks for the ultimate barware collection.


1. SoHo Brandy & Decanter 4-Piece Set – $200
2. 9-Piece Copper Bar Set – $120
3. Xavier Cocktail Shaker – $68

The Extras
Whether your collection is just starting out or you’ve graduated from mixology school, these picks make everyone happy and liven up the party even more.


1. Two of a Kind 2-Piece Bar Set – $50
2. World Map Puzzle Coasters – $30
3. Shake Recipe Book – $25


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