Perks of Registering Early

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Registering early is a blessing in disguise for those of you who are recently engaged. (Congratulations, by the way!) Right now you are most likely very, very overwhelmed. You have seemingly endless things on your plate, from nailing down a wedding date to returning phone calls from friends who heard the news on Facebook. Oh and you could also use a few moments to enjoy being engaged, too. Your to-do list is growing by the day so let’s get down to business – make sure you set up your wedding registry as soon as possible!


The sooner the better, as far as we are concerned. Trust us, it’s for your benefit. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the influx of engagement gifts coming your way whether you are ready or not. And as soon as you have your wedding registry in place, you can control what you get and when you get it.

By setting up your wedding registry early in the game, you’re able to cross one more thing off your list. You can redirect family and friends straight to your top picks and sit back as the gifts come your way.


You want to make it easy on your guests because ultimately, their problems turn into your problems. You’ll be bombarded with questions from well-intentioned guests that are entirely avoidable by registering early.

So how early is too early? There is no such thing as “too early” unless, of course, you register before the engagement. All jokes aside, making your wedding registry as soon as possible is right on time. The best part? You can always go back and edit your picks later. Or, check out our most popular gifts and registry essentials for some inspiration. Just get some solid framework down as a guideline for your loved ones to get started and let the gifts begin!

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