2016 Wedding Trends Part 2

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We’ve already posted part 1 of our 2016 wedding trend series here so without further ado, here’s the rest of our list.

Your Wedding, Your Way

We’ve come a long way from the days of doing exactly what the generations before us did, so if you want a super non-traditional wedding, go for it. Like, corndogs for dinner and wearing your favorite LBD to the party. On that same point, if you want a by-the-book celebration, go for that too! We’re talking white-gloved ushers and a formal send-off to your honeymoon. This trend is all about your needs and wants to create the perfect wedding that fits your style and tastes.


Experience-Based Wedding Registries

We’ve been seeing this trend for a while and 2016 shows no signs of it slowing down. Increasingly more couples are opting out of registering for fancy china patterns and opting in to a flight around the world and other adventures to do together. Glamping, cooking classes and home renovations are all part of modern registries we love. Plus, you make way more memories exploring an island together than folding and refolding that fancy throw blanket you had to have (but are too scared to use).  Click here for more ways to create an experience-based wedding registry.


Metallics are popping up everywhere this year in tasteful and unexpected ways. We’re seeing subtle sheen from the dress to the decor for an updated twist on elegant festivities. Even in rustic-themed weddings, silver-dusted wood panels make for an updated look that screams celebration. 2016 is the perfect time to get creative and get your shine on.


Co-ed Pre-Wedding Events

Co-ed bridal showers and joint bachelor/ette parties are the thing du jour and for good reason, too. Instead of keeping everything separate leading up to the big day, co-ed events ensure everyone on both sides of the wedding parties get to know each other before the big day. This makes those awkward family portraits way less awkward and makes the dance floor way more fun.

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