Beginner’s Guide To: Bedding Basics

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When it comes to creating the perfect bedroom, choosing the right bedding basics is key. Forget about the headboard, the duvet cover, and the bedside table lamps for now. Let’s focus on those functional basics that can truly make or break your sleeping experience.

Synthetic vs. Down

When you’re choosing your pillows and comforters, you’ll need to decide whether to go for synthetic or down. Down is a more luxurious fabric so it’ll be more expensive than synthetic. Most opt for down unless they have an allergy or budget restriction.


When choosing your comforter, you’ll notice that beyond size you can choose by weight or season. Summer is recommended for those in mild climates as the material is lighter. Opt for Level 1 if you live in an area that gets cold in the fall & winter. The heavier weight will keep you warm. This Royal River Trading Primary Down Comforter in Level 1 is an all-around great option.


Besides choosing down or synthetic pillows, you’ll also have to decide what level of firmness you’ll like. Generally, if you sleep on your stomach, we recommend a soft pillow. Back sleepers will like a medium firm pillow, and those of you who sleep on your side will prefer extra firm for its support.

Featherbeds & Mattress Pads

Featherbeds and mattress pads are extra layers you add on top of your mattress. Featherbeds are made of down and add even more luxurious comfort to your bed. This Royal River Trading Hotel Featherbed is one of our favorites. They do keep you warm, so if you tend to get hot in your sleep, they may not be for you. Mattress pads come in a variety of forms, depending on your needs. Use a thin synthetic one to protect your mattress, or opt for one made of memory foam for added comfort.

Take a look at our favorite bedding basics here.



  1. All great tips but you’ve never mentioned mattresses themselves. And I’m sure you agree that they are important.

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