Home Decor Trends: Marble + Mid-Century Modern

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When you want to make an aesthetic statement on the home decorating front, committing to a particular trend sends a bold message right away. As far as home decor trends go, whether you choose a streamlined color scheme, pattern or genre, you won’t go wrong as long as you stay true to your tastes and needs. Here’s an in-depth look at some of our favorite styles rooted in culture —  Marble à la Rome and Mid-Century Modern à la Palm Springs.


Luna Marble Tissue Box

Waterworks Studio - $75

Waterworks Studio – $75

Have the best sick day ever with this Marble Tissue Box. Your health will be rock solid in no time.

Pentagon Candle Holder, Set of 2

Fort Standard - $96

Fort Standard – $96

Take it back to the Roman days with these candle stick holders. Their hexagonal shape will give you something interesting to look at in case the power ever goes out… and when the lights are back on, they still look pretty chic.

Wall Clock

Menu - $270

Menu – $270

Keep time the old-fashioned way with this not-so-average wall clock. Last time we checked, iPhones these days only come in shades of gold that have nothing on an authentic marble aesthetic.

Mid-Century Modern

Player Turntable

Crosley - $80

Crosley – $80

Mid-century design meets 21st century technology with this turntable that hooks up to all your electronics today. Looks like a time warp but produces sounds of the future.

Bar Cart

Chris Earl - $1,650

Chris Earl – $1,650

Perfect for all your entertaining needs, this visually pleasing bar cart holds all the essentials. Easy clean up too – you can wheel it straight into that never-been-used-for-linens linen closet.

Hampton Street Double Old Fashioned Glass, Set of 2

Kate Spade - $50

Kate Spade – $50

Throw a cocktail party straight out of a movie set with these gilded glasses. Gold details add a touch of glam to even your straight-from-the-sink tap water.

To see the entire collection, click here.


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