How to Share Your Registry with Your Guests

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One question we get all the time from newly engaged couples is how to share your registry with your friends and family in a tasteful way. You want to make sure it’s easily accessible to your guests without being too pushy, and most of all, you want your guests to feel comfortable and excited to celebrate this big moment.

Option 1: On Your Wedding Website

The most common way couples share their registries with their guests is by including a link on their wedding website. We definitely recommend this so that all of your wedding information is one place. However, we also suggest using one of the options below to complement your wedding website.

Option 2: With Your Invitation

A more recent trend is including information about your registry within your actual invitation. Since there are usually multiple cards in the envelope (for directions, RSVP, etc.), it feels natural to include information about your registry as well. Guests are looking for it, and that’s an easy place for them to see it!

Option 3: With Your Save-the-Date

If putting your registry information in your invitation feels too forward for you, we suggest including the information in your save-the-date. It’s a less formal card, and it’s helpful to provide your guests with a link to your registry as early as possible.

No matter which option you choose, the key to sharing your registry is being polite, gracious, and never making your guests feel like they are required to get a gift. If you stick to this etiquette, you can’t go wrong.

What are some other ways you suggest sharing your wedding registry with your guests?

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