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Today, many couples live together before actually tying the knot. This means many of you already have tons of kitchen appliances, dinnerware, and home goods. But if you have a fully stocked home and think you have no need for a registry, think again.

When it comes to building a wedding registry for couples that already live together, the focus should be on upgrading items and collecting memorable pieces. Your guests will want to buy you gifts to celebrate your big day no matter what so give them a little guidance as to what you actually want. Here are some of our top suggestions for you:

Fancy Cookware
wedding registry for couples already living together_1Even if you have pots and pans, you should register for Le Creuset Cookware. These items are simple, beautiful, high quality, and will last you a lifetime. Upgrade by registering for these and donating whatever you already have. 

Prep Bowls
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Start off your life as newlyweds by focusing on decluttering your home. Throw out all of those mismatched plastic bowls you have lying around and register for Duralex’s Lys Nesting Prep/Mixing Bowls. Whether you’re making a salad, beating eggs, or need something to hold a dipping sauce, these are versatile and classic.

Classic China
wedding registry for couples already living together_3Registering for china is a classic wedding tradition. You might have cups and plates in your home, but owning a set of beautiful, fancy china from your wedding is something you will cherish forever. We love Michael Aram’s Palace 5-Piece Place Setting. These plates and bowls are detailed and ornate as well as clean and timeless, making them a perfect addition to your registry. 

Fancy Wine Glasses
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Think practical. Wine glasses are something you probably use often. You can never have enough of these, so don’t fear the extras and embrace this essential. Get beautiful white, red, bordeaux, and champagne glasses that all match with Schott Zwiesel’s Invento 24-Piece Stemware Set.

Custom Prints and Picture Frames
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You probably have many framed photos around your home, but trust us, you will not want to reuse that old, beaten frame to display that perfect wedding photo. Register for CanvasPop’s Custom Canvas Printing for a unique way to display your favorite images. Also register for that fancy, stand alone picture frame for a more classic look  (we love Eccolo’s Beaded Edge Frame).

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This is the perfect addition to a wedding registry for couples already living together. If you have everything you need for your home, ask your guests to purchase a wine tour for the two of you or a cooking class you can enjoy together. Your friends and family will love to give the gift of a city adventure or a new experience, so add something from Zola’s Experiences Category to your registry.


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  1. Out of those that were mentioned, shared experiences and photo frames encapsulating that would be among the most important for couples for a lasting relationship!

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