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Kids At Your Wedding: Yay or Nay?

Chicken or fish, band or DJ, church or outdoor ceremony…there are certain binary decisions that seem to stand the test of time when it comes to wedding planning. One of the perennial questions couples must ask themselves when crafting their guest list is whether or not they plan to invite children to their wedding. While it might seem like a fairly simple decision to breeze through on your to-do list (which you’re definitely using Zola’s Wedding Checklist tool to help you with, right?), the choice to have kids at your wedding or not is more tricky (and emotionally loaded) than Read More

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How To Choose A Wedding Venue

You don’t have to be purchasing a piece of real estate to know that “location, location, location” matters. One of the first tasks you’ll need to accomplish after saying “yes!” (after popping the bubbly, of course) is to decide where you and your partner want to get married. The where will then help you to narrow down the when, which may vary based on your wedding venue’s popularity and availability. But how does one go about choosing a wedding venue? Finding the perfect wedding venue to fit your budget, your schedule, and your tastes can be a daunting task, but consider us here Read More

5 Ways To Cut Wedding Costs

It’s not breaking news—we’ve said it here a hundred times—that (most) weddings cost a lot of money. But any wedding planner worth his or her salt will also tell you that, with a few smart moves and some ground-laying decisions, you can still throw an incredible, memorable wedding that guests will rave about for years while sticking to a reasonable budget. Perhaps the most important step you can take in planning your beautiful, budget wedding is to decide which 2 or 3 part of the wedding experience are most important to you and your partner. Whether it’s a gourmet meal, a Read More

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How To Elope In Miami

You said “yes” (or maybe you ugly cried some resemblance of an affirmation), and you were thrilled. Wedding, here you come! But as you began thinking about planning the ultimate wedding celebration, perhaps you found yourself less and less excited about a grandiose affair. The truth is, not every couple wants an extravagant wedding with an enormous wedding party and more guests than you could possibly greet in one evening. For some, an intimate elopement with only your nearest and dearest is far more appealing. And for some, speaking your vows against the backdrop of sun, sand, and surf is Read More

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Honeymoon Tips: Where To Save, Where To Splurge

Guys, honeymoons are a BIG. DEAL. Whether you embark on a honeymoon right after your wedding or opt for a weekend mini-moon as you save up for a big excursion down the road, taking time to get away with your new spouse is clutch. Besides the relaxation you’re due after months of hectic wedding planning, you’re going to want to relive all of the fabulous details and process together what just happened. (Uh, you’re married! Whoa.) To make sure you get the best info on how to plan a killer (and affordable) honeymoon, we’ve partnered with the experts at, Read More

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The Best Wedding Workout Routines

At some point in your wedding planning journey, the following thought crosses many brides’ and grooms’ minds: “I need to look amazing on my wedding day.” (Spoiler alert: you will.) While we could write several books about our society’s complex relationship to body type and size, right now we’re just going to focus on sharing a few great wedding workout routines to help brides and grooms look smashing on their big day. We believe that small lifestyle changes can go a long way in making couples look and feel great—which means setting healthy, realistic goals before your wedding that you Read More

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What’s A Promise Ring, and Do You Need One?

Everybody’s heard of an engagement ring. You’ve probably seen, thought about, ogled at, compared, or even fantasy-shopped for an engagement ring. But, a promise ring? That term might leave a few of you head-scratching. While engagement rings are part of our shared social and cultural landscape, promise rings are a growing but still left-of-mainstream trend. So what exactly is a promise ring, and should you consider exchanging one with your love? Read on to find out the answer: we’ve gathered the 411 on promise rings, including their history, their difference from other gifted or exchanged rings, and even examples of Read More

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5 Bridal Shower Ideas We Love

Calling all party-prone ladies: it’s bridal shower time! Usually the responsibility of the maid of honor, the bridesmaids, and/or the groom or bride’s mother, today’s best bridal showers go beyond the traditional luncheon and borderline-humiliating games (sorry not sorry, toilet paper dress). Host a shower that the lady of honor will remember forever with one of our thoughtful bridal shower ideas that won’t break the bank. If you do happen to have a couple of spare Benjamins burning a hole in your pocket, more power to you (and, hey, hit us up when you’re treating to happy hour). But for showers Read More

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7 Steps To Planning Your Own Personalized Wedding

If you’ve decided to forego hiring a wedding planner and are planning your own wedding, we salute you. But as you’ve probably figured out by now, the task of planning the largest, most high stakes party you’ll ever throw can be a struggle for many couples. And while the wedding itself should pale in comparison to the awesome marriage that follows, Zola knows better than anyone how much time, preparation, and patience it takes to plan a wedding. Throughout this planning journey, it’s important to not lose site of the real reason you’re doing this: to host a celebration that’s Read More

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Top 10 Wedding Reception Ideas To Surprise Your Groom

Let’s face it: wedding planning isn’t every guy’s “thing.” While hopefully you’re making most major decisions about your upcoming wedding together as a couple, the bulk of the planning minutiae—how much should you budget for flowers? gold or silver flatware? plated or family style?—might fall to the bride (and her mom, her sister, her BFF…). If you’re leaning in to the role of wedding planner but want to make sure your groom’s fully represented in the day-of festivities, make sure to include little things throughout the celebration that you know he’ll appreciate and that will show off his personality. Even better? Read More