Month: July 2018

Zola weddings invitations in various designs

What’s Your Wedding Invitation Style?

You might know your preferences when it comes to fashion style (classic with a preppy flair), lunch style (food truck tacos all the way), and musical style (late ‘90s R&B jamz). But what about your wedding invitation style? Your wedding invitation, along with your save the date and wedding website, is the first piece of information you’re sharing with your guests about your wedding’s look and feel, so be sure you’re sending the right message. The style of your wedding invite should match the overall vibe of the celebration, whether that be formal and elegant or laid-back and funky. If Read More

wedding invitation envelope with black calligraphy and multiple stamps next to a black and white striped ribbon

How To Address Wedding Invitations

Confused or intimidated by how to address wedding invitations? Don’t worry—we feel you, and you’re not wrong. The way you address your wedding invitations is crucial not only for etiquette’s sake (you don’t want to offend your new great aunt before you’re even a part of the family, do you?), but for logistical reasons as well. You’re sending a message, quite literally, about who is invited to your wedding. If you address your wedding invitations inaccurately, your guests might get the wrong idea about who exactly is expected to show up on the big day… and there’s absolutely nothing more Read More

DIY Wedding Cake: Everything You Need To Know

If you’re considering a DIY wedding cake, congrats on being very brave, ambitious, and perhaps a bit insane. Kidding! Well, kind of. It take a special kind of person to want to make your own wedding cake. The right candidate is an experienced baker who takes joy in whipping up sweet treats for loved ones, as well as someone who remains calm under stress, is good with time management, and can roll with the punches.  If this sounds like you, going the DIY wedding cake route might be the perfect way for you to add your personal touch to your Read More

A Bridesmaid’s Guide to Jewelry

Hey, bridesmaid! Yes, you, with the gorgeous new frock and the important wedding coming up. As a bridesmaid, you’ve got lots of responsibilities ahead of you including planning your bride’s bachelorette weekend, posing in lots of photos, and helping her keep her cool during the planning process. Bridesmaid-ing (we’ve just made it a verb) isn’t easy, but it’s not so bad when you get a new outfit from the experience, is it? While your bride might gift you and the other commitment crew gals some earrings or a necklace to wear on the big day, she may just as well Read More

best man holding up paper while giving speech that read "the best best man speech freaking ever!"

How To Give A Killer Best Man Speech

Let me guess: if you’ve made it here, you’re a best man (or a best woman), and you’re nervous. First off, congrats on this special role of honor! You’re gonna do great. But if you’re freaking out about pulling off all of your groomsmen duties, especially having to write and deliver a best man speech at the wedding, we understand. There is an art to the best man speech. Too far in any direction, and a bad speech can negatively alter the mood of a wedding in a snap. But before we make you even more nervous, take a cleansing Read More

Wedding Invitation Wording 101

Your wedding invitations are the only thing your guests see before the big day arrives, so crafting thoughtful invites is a great way to get your guests pumped for the upcoming celebration and share a hint of what’s to come. So it’s essential that your wedding invitation wording be on point—you don’t want any blunders here. Here are the four jobs your wedding invitation wording has to do:  Convey all the critical information about who’s getting married, when, where; Recognize the hosts of the wedding and/or the parents of the couple, if desired; Convey the tone and formality of the Read More

zinnia flowers in red and hot pink and white in glass vases on top of a wine barrel

Top 10 Tips For DIY Wedding Flowers

Choosing DIY wedding flowers can be a great way to save money on your big day, but let us give one word of caution: this task isn’t for the faint of heart. It takes a lot of work to create all of those centerpieces, bouquets, and boutonnieres that you’ll need for your wedding day, and our guess is that your time is precious. Think you’re up to the task? As anyone will tell you—especially local wedding florists who know the ins and outs of the business—having a solid plan and knowing what you’re getting into are the keys to success. To help you prep, Read More

Grilled cheese and tomato soup shots

The Ultimate Food-And-Drink-Pairing Cocktail Hour

Ding ding ding! It’s five o’clock (somewhere?), and it’s time to talk about cocktails. And weddings. Because that’s what we do around here. So settle in, because today we are taking a two-handed approach, with a glass in one hand and an hors d’oeuvre in the other. For a post-ceremony indulgence that will knock the socks off of your wedding guests, a food-and-drink-paired cocktail hour is a one-two punch for the senses. The name pretty much sums it up, but this type of cocktail hour service pairs a tasty, small bite of food with its perfect alcoholic complement. A food-and-drink-paired Read More

Free Zola wedding website

Use Zola To Plan Your Wedding Online in 10 Steps

In an era where you can order paper towels while waiting in line for your coffee that you ordered from an app that you downloaded while walking from your battery-powered car’s parking spot to your remote coworking space where you attend meetings via free video conferencing (whew!), you should be able to plan a wedding online. This is the digital age, in which we can do almost anything from our smartphones. Gone are the days of wedding planning that require a binder full of print-outs and a million sit-down meetings. But what are the best websites and tools out there Read More

5 Things To Know About Barn Weddings

Who doesn’t love a good barn wedding? The rustic details, high ceilings, and beautiful countryside views make these venues one-of-a-kind, and here at Zola we can’t get enough of them. Like all wedding venues, however, barns come in all shapes, sizes, and states of repair. As much as we love their aesthetic, they aren’t without their drawbacks. To help you cover your bases and avoid any “If only I’d known…” moments, we’ve done the research and compiled a list of everything Zola couples should consider when planning barn weddings. 1. Barns May Not Have Heating or Air Conditioning Half the reason couples swoon over Read More