Month: April 2017

3 Things to Know About Zola’s Guest List

Are you tired of chasing down family members and friends, asking for their addresses? Done with trying to figure out whether Bill and Molly are together, not together, or are in new relationships? Feeling like your brain has turned into a living spreadsheet? Yeah, that’s why we created the Guest List—the revolutionary tool that’ll save you tons of precious time and energy. Here’s what you should know. We’ll take it from here. Whether you’re starting your list from scratch, have a list of names without addresses, or already have a completed spreadsheet, we’ll help you build your entire list and Read More

3 Things to Know About Zola’s Wedding Checklist

If you’re engaged, you already know that there are infinite things to do for your wedding. And according to our survey, it’s stressing you out. But the resources out there can be old-fashioned, impersonal, and frankly missing tasks. That’s where our customizable checklist comes in. So personalized, it’s like we’re your third wheel. Your checklist takes into account all your wedding details from your wedding’s location, to religious and cultural traditions. Need to order those hard-to-find cocktail ingredients for welcome drinks? We won’t let you forget ’em—you can add your own tasks to the list we build for you. So Read More

3 Things to Know About Your Registry Within Zola Weddings

Already registered with Zola and unsure what Zola Weddings means for your wedding registry? We got you. Sit back, pour a glass of bubbly, and listen in on these three things to know about your registry. We didn’t touch your registry. You’ve still got every benefit that has made Zola the fastest-growing registry around, including guests, experiences and funds in one place, free shipping, price matching, and group gifting. So, the only thing Zola Weddings does to your registry is… make it more awesome. We integrate so you and your guests can celebrate. If you decide to create a beautiful Read More

Introducing Zola Weddings: A Letter from Zola’s Co-Founders

To Zola Couples past, present, and future, Since we launched Zola registry in 2013, we’ve heard one main question from our couples: We love the Zola registry experience—is there any way you can help us create a wedding website? We already consider ourselves so lucky to help make the happiest moment in a couple’s life even happier. But to be asked if we can be even more involved? That’s an honor! And it’s not to be ignored. So we asked ourselves, what can we do next to help couples? Today, we’re so excited to introduce you to Zola Weddings, a Read More

Celebrate the Launch of Zola Weddings and Visit the Zola Retreat

We surveyed 500 couples about wedding planning stress and discovered that—wait for it—wedding planning is indeed stressful. 96% of the audience labeled it as such with 40% specifically using the words “very” and “extremely.” To help couples de-stress and enjoy their engagement more, we created Zola Weddings, a free suite of wedding planning tools, and dreamed up the Zola Retreat, an immersive space where you can relax, reboot, and reconnect with yourselves and each other. Whether you’re hitched, engaged, or making guest appearances at several nuptials this season, come experience some chill vibes and serious om at 43 Crosby Street Read More

3 Things to Know About Your Zola Wedding Website

With Zola Weddings, you can create a beautiful website to share with your guests for free. (We repeat: for free.) Here are three features about Zola’s wedding websites that you should know before you make yours. A stunning design for every aesthetic. We have over 30 designs to choose from, each one as gorgeous as the next. Your site sets the tone for your guests, so take your time browsing the options to find the one that best speaks to you. We’re adding more designs regularly, so if you change your mind about your website’s look and feel, you can Read More

Science: Wedding Planning Is Stressful

Being engaged is supposed to be a happy, celebratory time. But the truth is, after you say “yes” and finish a glass of champagne, it’s time to plan the wedding. And while that sounds like a whole lot of fun to some, it can typically be a stressful, time-consuming task to most. We wanted to know, just how stressful is wedding planning really? So we surveyed 500 engaged and newlywed couples nationwide and found that 96% of them find wedding planning stressful, leaving 4% of these people either lying or superhuman. Here are a few additional insights from our study Read More

Wedding Registry Tips: A Bride Tells All

Confession: I started our Zola wedding registry the morning after we got engaged. I know that seems crazy, but my fiancé and I knew exactly which part of wedding planning I’d be most excited for long before he popped the question last August. As a home editor, I’ve spent most of my career online shopping (for work, of course), searching for luxe bedding, fun throw pillows and pretty plates. I’ve been picking and choosing favorites for years, and now I was psyched that it was finally my turn to shop for myself. And not so surprisingly, it was tougher than Read More

Perks of Registering Early

Registering early is a blessing in disguise for those of you who are recently engaged. (Congratulations, by the way!) Right now you are most likely very, very overwhelmed. You have seemingly endless things on your plate, from nailing down a wedding date to returning phone calls from friends who heard the news on Facebook. Oh and you could also use a few moments to enjoy being engaged, too. Your to-do list is growing by the day so let’s get down to business – make sure you set up your wedding registry as soon as possible!

How To Create Your Dream Wedding Registry

How to get exactly what you want for your wedding is one of the most frequently-asked questions by our Zola couples. We completely understand why—it’s not every day you get to ask for anything you want from your nearest and dearest (and coworkers, family friends, great aunts we’ve only met once, etc.). So here’s our expert advice on how to get the most out of your wedding registry. Ask and You Shall Receive Don’t be shy! First-timers may feel a bit of pressure to register for what they think they’re supposed to register for instead of registering for what they Read More