Month: May 2016

Ralph Lauren Home

We at Zola are so excited to announce our newest brand to hit the site, Ralph Lauren Home. Synonymous with a luxurious lifestyle, the pieces are truly timeless. Plus, Ralph Lauren makes gifts that guests love to give, so you and your guests will be thrilled to see these picks on your wedding registry.

The Perfect Table

Setting the perfect table can seem like a lost art thanks to new delivery services and takeout options cropping up everyday. Having said that, we’ve picked out our favorite pieces that will make your table look like a pro (even if the meal you serve comes straight from an app!) 

Zola x RabLabs

We’re always on the look out for cool statement pieces to make our wedding registries’ pop and these unique designs by RabLabs’ Anna New York are just that. We reached out to the designer, Anna Rabinowicz, for a behind-the-scenes Q + A all about these incredible registry must-haves. And of course, her answers are as interesting as her work. How did you learn to start making home products? I’ve always been interested in the intersection of science and art. I began designing prosthetic knees and devices for cardiac bypass surgery and this love of biology and nature segued into my company today. Read More

How To Survive Wedding Season

It’s officially here! Even if the weather doesn’t feel like it yet, wedding season is in full swing for the next four months. Read on for Zola’s expert tips and tricks to surviving it all. Get Organized Organization is key to surviving wedding season. Between all the rehearsal dinners, bachelorette party planning lunches, bridesmaid dress fittings and the actual weddings, you’re about to have a lot of events in the cal. Be sure to use an organizational method that works for you so you can stay on top of all the appointments and ensure you don’t oversleep the weekend of Dani from Read More

Unconventional Gifts

Certainly now more than ever before, couples are rewriting the rules for what to ask for on their wedding registries. It’s 2016 after all and with all the information out there, it’s hard to find guidance that doesn’t feel stuffy and dated. Here’s our list of some of the best unconventional gifts to add to your wedding registry that are the perfect mix of modern, cool and useful. Orbita Photo Display Frame Cherish all of your favorite memories together with this not-so-average picture frame. Its unique design lets you display your top four in a piece of art all on its Read More