Month: December 2015

#ZolaCouple Jess & Marty, New Yorkers & Newlyweds

Married this past summer, Marty and Jess dish on who does the cooking and share their secrets for making a cozy home. Read more to get the scoop from these newlyweds. How did you meet? We met through a mutual friend who was my good friend from high school and Marty’s close friend in college. We had actually crossed paths a handful of times over college summers, but it wasn’t until after college, living in NYC, that we started spending more time together. After a few dates we actually figured out that my mom and Marty’s dad went to high Read More

Interview with Gray Malin

Giving and receiving art as a wedding present is a noticeable trend in the registry world these days. We had the honor of chatting with one of our favorite artists, photographer Gray Malin, about gifts, his work and fun stories we can’t wait to share with you. Click here to add a Gray Malin gift card to your registry today! What is your favorite gift to get? One could never go wrong in gifting me a bottle of Veuve Clicquot. I clearly have a mild obsession, probably most notable via my Gray Malin x Veuve Clicquot collection. Any advice on gifting art Read More

Gifts for Everyone This Year

Even though wedding planning and festivities seem to be all about you this year, the holidays are the perfect time to make sure you give back to everyone who matters and stands by your side through it all. It’s important to you to get the perfect gifts for everyone on your list. You also want to stay within your budget and get meaningful presents that stand out from the crowd of gift cards and useless trinkets. Here is a compilation of our greatest and most giftable finds that are sure to be a hit this year. The best part? We’ve made sure Read More