Month: September 2015

#ZolaCouple: Julia & Camilo’s Love-Filled Wedding Registry

Julia and Camilo met in Houston at a dinner party when they both quickly realized they were the only ones there of the same age. Julia had recently moved from Ukraine and Camilo offered to show her around town. Through their shared love of art galleries and exploration, their relationship developed, and Camilo popped the question on one fateful walk. How did you meet? We first met at a house sushi party. We were the only couple our age there so we naturally gravitated towards each other. I had recently moved from Ukraine to the US and Camilo offered to show me Read More

How To Build The Perfect Cheese Plate

Building the perfect cheese plate isn’t as hard as it seems. You don’t have to know your cheeses, but you do have to know your textures. And colors. And shapes. And countries. And animals. But that’s it, we swear. Now back to the platter – a good mix-and-match philosophy goes a long way: hard, soft, crumbled, cubed, Swiss, goat, creamy, blue… the list goes on. If you stick to only one cheese per category, you’re on your way to the perfect plate. Note: you don’t need to get one from every category, unless you’re hosting your entire extended family’s extended Read More

What To Expect This Engagement Season

Just as wedding season starts to wind down, engagement season picks up. This year, it’s going to be more in-your-face than ever before. Here are a few trends to look out for on the horizon. The Picture Ah yes, the picture – you know the one. Generally taken moments after he gets up from one knee, where he puts his arm around her and she puts her left hand oh-so-perfectly on his chest ensuring her new hardware is front and center, not to be missed. Yes, THAT picture. The picture used to be an afterthought of the engagement – couples waiting even a Read More