Wedding Gifts that Keep on Giving

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During the time leading up to your wedding, and directly after your big day, you’ll be inundated with gifts from friends and family. Your face will light up when you receive everything from that fancy flatware to the special vase you’ve always wanted.  If you want the fun to continue, we’ve put together a list of our favorite gifts that keep on giving.

The Bouqs Company’s Regular Bloom Subscriptions
Get the gift of beautiful fresh flowers to liven up your home for a whole year. With The Bouqs Company’s Regular Bloom Subscription you can pick your favorite bouquets, choose the frequency and timing you’d like to receive them, and constantly be reminded of your wedding day with floral deliveries.

Cooking Classes
This is the present that gives and gives. Register for a cooking class for two and once you’ve settled into your newlywed life, experience this together. Not only will you enjoy the class and build a memory, but after it you’ll be able to cook like a pro! If you live in New York, enjoy Home Cooking New York’s Private Cooking Class for Two, or if you’re from San Francisco try the San Francisco Cooking School’s Knife Skills Class.

MistoBox Monthly Coffee Subscription
For those coffee lovers out there, get a bag of whole coffee beans once a month for up to 12 months. Register for Misto Box’s Monthly Coffee Subscription and try the many different flavors hand selected by experts – you’ll never get the same coffee twice. The surprise will keep you smiling, and caffeinated, all year long.

Outdoor Adventure 
The best gifts are those that build lasting memories. For those couples that love the outdoors, register an adventure class or outdoor hiking or biking tour for two. If you live in San Francisco (or might be traveling there in the future), try Adventure Out’s Rock Climbing Workshop. If you’re looking to get out and about in New York, register for Citi Bike’s Annual Bike Share Membership for Two. Or if you both spend time in Los Angeles, experience Malibu Wine Safari’s Vineyard Lunch Safari.

Hatchery’s Artisan Tasting Box Subscription
Expand your palette and refine your culinary skills by registering for this Artisan Tasting Box Subscription. For up to a year you’ll receive a variety of artisanal ingredients including honeys, spreads, oils, vinegars, seasonings, and more.

Images || (2) San Francisco Cooking School


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