Beginners Guide To: Bar Glasses

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For the couple that loves to entertain, having the right bar glasses on your registry is a must. At Zola, we’re firm believers that what you serve the drink in is just as important as the drink itself. So, to help you avoid serving your friends mojitos in wine glasses, we’ve put together a guide of everything you need to know about adding barware to your wedding registry.

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What are they? 
Bar glasses are glasses specifically designed for wine and cocktails. They come in a series of shapes and sizes, specifically crafted for different liquor and mixed drinks.

I need this if… 
You love to entertain or kick back with a glass of wine together after a long day of work – basically, they’re an essential to any wedding registry.

How many do I need? 
While you want to have more than the simple tumbler, you don’t need to have every cocktail glass on your registry checklist. Consider your favorite drinks (martinis, champagne, margaritas – the list can go on and on…) and what you like to serve guests when you entertain and go from there. Because if after dinner drinks aren’t really your thing, you probably don’t need those extra cognac glasses.

Which glasses are right for me? 
1. Wine Glass
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We’ll start with the most obvious glass that’s probably already on your registry checklist: the wine glass. There are different styles for white and red wine, and it’s safe to say you’ll need both in your home. Register for 8-12 of each. These glasses will get the most use in your bar and if you register for more, you’ll always have an extra in case one breaks. Check out our full collection here.

2. Martini Glass
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Ever make a dirty martini at home? While these glasses aren’t a necessity for your bar, if you drink vodka or gin they are definitely a good thing to have around. Have a set of four and choose the size by how strong you make your drinks – the stronger the drink, the smaller the glass.

3. Highball Glass
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For your summer cocktails and mixed drinks, this is the glass you’ll need. Fill these with ice cubes and pour in your favorite fruity or bubbly cocktail. We recommend registering for at least eight of these glasses if you don’t already have them in your home. They’re versatile, so you can use them for everything from water to cocktails.

4. Champagne Flute
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Champagne flutes are all about elegance. These not only look beautiful, but they’re also designed so the bubbles rise right to the top. Start with a set of eight, and you can always build your collection if you end up needing more.

5. Old Fashioned Glass
wedding registry checklist_6
These are a home bar must-have because they can be used for all different types of drinks. While they are designed for whiskey and bourbon cocktails such as the Negroni and Manhattan, we strongly believe they are a classy option for serving just about anything. Register for a set of 10 now and you will almost definitely collect more in the future.

6. Shot Glasses
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Although you may have outgrown the wild nights of your early twenties, shot glasses are actually great for measuring out your liquor. Register for six (that way if your dinner party kicks it up a notch, you’ll have enough glasses for everyone to take a shot).

Browse our full collection of cocktail glasses here.


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