Month: April 2015

Budget Friendly Honeymoon Tips

Honeymoons can be very expensive. Whether you are paying for the trip yourself, or have created a honeymoon fund so your friends and family can pitch in, finding little ways to pinch pennies here and there can make a world of difference. This is why we’ve put together some tips to help you save money, without you having to sacrifice the big things. Book Early After you get engaged, your focus is on finding a venue, picking a date, and asking your friends to be in your wedding party. During these initial stages, consider looking into your honeymoon and booking Read More

Beginner’s Guide To: Cutting Boards

Cutting boards are essential tools in any kitchen and while they might seem like a boring necessity, getting the right ones can make a world of difference in your culinary adventures. What is it?  Cutting boards are durable planks designed for preparing food. They are most commonly used as a cutting, dicing, and chopping surface, but can double as serving trays, kitchen décor, or placemats for hot pots or pans. I need this if…  If you do any home cooking or enjoy hosting, you will need a cutting board. They will protect your counter top from unwanted bacteria and destructive knife marks, as Read More

Planning Ahead with #ZolaCouple Jasmine & Bryce

From grilling outdoors to Sunday trips to their local coffee shop, #ZolaCouple Jasmine & Bryce are getting ready to tie the knot. Their main piece of advice? “Plan a long engagement and do planning steps at periodic intervals.” Check out the rest of their wedding tips (hint: she is a bridal blogger, so she has some good ones) and registry picks below! How did you meet? We met on in Baltimore City. How did you get engaged? After 5 years together, Bryce simply got down on his knee in the house we bought together. What was the first thing you did after you Read More

How to Incorporate Wedding Photos Into Your Home

Once your wedding day is over, you’ll have so many amazing memories to look back on — especially with the help of your wedding photos. No matter if you’re splurging on an amazing photographer or simply asking your guests to share their photos with you, those special moments are going to be brought to life with photography. We turned to our friends at Wedding Party for decor tips on displaying your photos in your newlywed home, so you can commemorate and celebrate your big day all year long. When it comes to using your wedding photos as home decor, there’s a number Read More

High School Musical To Wedding Bells: #ZolaCouple Mychael & Sarah

#ZolaCouple Mychael & Sarah go way back. From a friendship that flourished during their high school musical (South Pacific), to years of staying in touch during college and a year abroad after, this couple is ready to tie the knot! Get to know Mychael & Sarah and check out their awesome registry style. How did you meet? We met in high school during the musical ‘South Pacific.’ I played one of the lead roles of Lt. Joseph Cable, while Sarah was in the chorus ensemble. After watching other people do my makeup a few nights in a row, Sarah realized they were doing it wrong – my face was orange. Read More

One Week To Go! Meet #ZolaCouple Tara & Gerald

#ZolaCouple Tara & Gerald lived on the same block for just shy of a decade before actually meeting. Though they exchanged glances while Tara was out walking her dog or both were at the gym, it wasn’t until Gerald mustered up the courage to talk to Tara that they finally connected. As Tara said, “it only took a decade.” Better late than never! Get to know this NYC couple as they count down the week left to their wedding and see what they put on their awesome registry. How did you get engaged? We got engaged in Bora Bora. On a misty day midway Read More

Romance Abroad: #ZolaCouple Keith & Katherine

Who knew a California flag could be such a great conversation starter? #ZolaCouple Keith & Katherine would know, as they bonded during their semester abroad in Rome over the fact that both went to school in sunny Cal. With only 29 days left until their May wedding, get to know this couple and their wedding planning and registry tips. How did you meet? Both of our architecture schools (Cal Poly and Northeastern) shared a school in Rome for study abroad. Katherine lived down the hall from me and walked past my room everyday. I had a California flag hanging on my wall, it Read More

A Timeless Tradition Reimagined: Zola Launches First-Of-Its Kind Apple Watch App

For the always-on-the-go couple, planning a wedding can be stressful. Here at Zola, we strive to give newly engaged duos an alternative to old fashioned wedding registries by providing an experience that can keep up with their modern lives and fit into their daily routines. We started Zola with a desire to simplify the wedding planning process and believe that designing solutions that address existing pain points with technology is a key component to achieving this goal. This is why we were excited to build an extension of the Zola app for the Apple Watch. Charles Scalesse (our Principal Mobile Engineer) Read More

Concerts, Costa Rica & Chicken Parm: #ZolaCouple Erica & Ross

A blind date. Drinks. Dinner. Coffee. That is how #ZolaCouple Erica & Ross met, and the rest is history. Whether it’s marathoning Netflix TV shows, cooking up paleo chicken parm, or road tripping to Big Sur for camping + hiking, this couple knows how to make the most of their time together. Get to know them, take notes on their wedding tips, and get inspired by their registry picks!   How did you meet? OKCupid! (The old Tinder). Ross came upon Erica’s profile and messaged her. They went out for drinks, which turned into dinner, which turned into coffee 🙂 The rest is Read More

Guilt-Free Chocolate Doughnuts

It’s almost Friday, and if you’re like us you use the weekend as an excuse to indulge. At Zola, we can’t pass up the opportunity to snack on a doughnut. It’s our sweet of choice. But today, we’re turning to our friends at POPSUGAR for a healthy take on a simple craving we can never be cured of. Yes, you heard that right – these are guilt-free doughnuts that taste amazing. Just maybe wait to tell your fiancé and friends what’s in them until after everyone has taken a bite… I know what you’re thinking. Chocolate frosted doughnuts on a health and fitness blog? They have to taste Read More